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Business Evolution Systems & Training (BEST) Limited is a team of business development consultants specialized in tools and techniques for growing your business in Ghana. Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur, an existing business owner or an investor, we have just the perfect solution to meet your business need. We thrive to evolve and grow your business to meet changing local and global needs.

BEST LTD is an Approved Training Provider for the Financial Modeling Institute, Canada.

Founded in 2012

Engineering Success in Businesses


Bernard Obeng Boateng 2017

Bernard Obeng Boateng

Co-Founder and CEO

A Microsoft Excel Data Analyst and a Financial Modeler with over 10 years working experience in Banking, Insurance and Business Development. He has a first degree in BSc. Admin from the University of Ghana Business School and is certified in Business Analytics from the World’s leading Business School, Wharton.

He has developed a high competent use of Microsoft Excel tools for Data analysis, Budgeting, Financial modeling and Dashboard reporting.

He has run Excel Training programs for various institutions including GIMPA at the Center for IT Professional Development, University of Ghana Business School, Access Bank, Bayport, ECOM etc.

Further details of Bernard’s works and profile can be accessed via his LinkedIn link.

Celestine Owusu Amoako-Boateng

Celestine Amoako-Boateng

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant

Celestine is a Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP®) with an MBA (marketing specialization) from University of Ballarat, Australia. His strength lies in transforming products and businesses into economically appealing forms to consumers and investors respectively.

In his 8 years’ experience in business development, Celestine has secured over USD 10million worth of investments for businesses. His mentorship has also enabled a number of SMEs, both locally and internationally, to realize more than USD 8million in revenue.

“We are driven by a common vision and passion to mould ecosystems around the entrepreneurs in Ghana and facilitate the creation of a structure whereby all stakeholders within the ecosystem are working together in a unified and focused manner to support the success of entrepreneurs and their business.”

Our Services are World Class

We offer customized solutions to meet diverse business needs. Deliberate effort goes into every work for our clients.
Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, already in business or seeking reliable information to help you make a business decision, we have a package to meet your need.

Entrepreneur Pack

A start up accelerator program for potential entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Our Entrepreneurial Pack is a well-structured Start-up incubator program that closely walk with you on the journey to the commercialisation of your business idea.

Through this simple 3-phase program, we are able equip and empower entrepreneurs to develop compelling businesses that appeals to the interest of investors.

  • BIZ MODEL PHASE: A thorough industry-focused elicitation aimed at gaining clarity of what your market needs and developing comprehensive business model that delivers true value to your target market.
  • STARTWELL PHASE: Translation of your ideas into operational blueprints- financial projections, research and development reports, proposals or even a complete business plan.
  • BIZ LAUNCH PHASE: We support you with business incorporation, accounting systems, filing of statutory requirements and business process implementation.

Business Tune Up

360 degree Business Solution package for existing businesses to evolve and grow.

Global Businesses evolve, so should yours.

In the past years, a lot of businesses have started and collapsed. Others have gone beyond decades, adapting to new trends to stay afloat. Survival is not a guarantee for all businesses. You either tune up or burst.

If you are looking to boost revenue and grow or trying to offload certain aspects of your business to help you travel lighter, we have the package to meet your need.


  • Professional Skills Training
  • Business Advisory
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Tax Services
  • BPO Services

Ghana Direct

A reliable business resource providing information for making business and investment decisions in Ghana.

Business and Investment Information on Ghana

Looking for credible information to make a business decision?


If you are interested in trends, prices, products or a report on your competitors in Ghana, this unique business resource is just what you need.


  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Consumables
  • Technology
  • Utility Services
  • Statutory Regulations
  • Media and Telecommunicatons
  • Retail and Wholesale Trade
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing



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